The CroBio team

Wayne Mulhall

Chief Executive Officer 

Wayne is a Senior Director with a demonstrated history of working in renewables. He is skilled in operations and is a strong business development professional with a Master of Science (MSc) focused in Project Management from University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology.
Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Dr Ross Mulhall

Chief Scientific Officer 

Ross is the Co-founder of CroBio, where he conceptualised the company's vision of genetically engineering soil microbes as a solution for global water management and soil carbon sequestration. His scientific research experience has surrounded the fields of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Surface Science. 

Philip Warwick 

Chief Financial Officer

Philip is a Senior Finance Manager, who is a qualified Chartered Accountant (KPMG), with experience in large multi-nationals having worked in the following markets: Energy, Defence and Space. I have actively sought to work at a strategic level across financial and operational disciplines in a number of countries gaining valuable work and life experience.

Dr David Lawrence

Senior Scientific Advisor

David is a former Non-Executive Director at Syngenta. Prior to that, he was the Head of Research & Development in Syngenta from 2002 to 2009, after a variety of scientific and management roles in ICI and Zeneca. Whilst at Syngenta he was a member of the investment panel for the joint venture fund established with Life Science Partners, and was then instrumental in the creation of Syngenta Ventures.
He graduated in Chemistry from Oxford University, where he was also awarded a D. Phil.
Past public-sector roles include: Council Membership and Chair of the BBSRC Industrial Biotechnology Strategy Advisory Panel; Directorship of Rothamsted Research; Membership of the Lead Expert Group for the “Global Future of Food and Farming” Foresight project, the AgriTech Food Council, the Industrial Biotechnology Leadership Council and the Nuffield Council for Bioethics. Currently he is Chair of the UK Knowledge Transfer Network Ltd, Chair of Agrimetrics Ltd, a Director of the UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund, Tropic Biosciences and MoA Technology, a Trustee of the John Innes Foundation and Deputy Chair of the Science Advisory Board of the Nottingham Synthetic Biology Centre. In addition, he consults for a number of early stage start-up companies.

Dr Heather Allison

Senior Scientific Advisor

Heather is a Reader in Microbiology in the Department of Functional and Comparative Genomics within the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences in the Institute of Integrative Biology at Liverpool University. She is currently running a variety of projects that are ultimately focused on using molecular biology to better understand microbial behaviour and niches.

Dr Sean Goodman

Scientific Advisor

Sean currently holds the position of Lecturer in Biological Sciences at the University of Liverpool. Since completing his PhD in Environmental Microbiology, Sean worked extensively in both industrial and academic research and development. This includes research relating to the use of culture dependent and molecular methodologies for analysis and testing of a wide range of industrial and clinically relevant microbiological samples. His research projects have focused around the isolation and culturing of microorganisms from a variety of environments and their resultant uses for industrial purposes, genomic analysis of microbial communities and the design and implementation of efficacy testing of engineered antimicrobial surfaces. More recently his research has focused on the creation of biofilm models to investigate antimicrobial resistance. Sean also has experience in assisting in the development and testing of a range of upcoming technologies in the field of microbiology such as the MinION, Genefreeze and also a number of computational pipelines developed to assist with sequence analyses.

Charlie Weetman

Business Advisor

Charlie has been a farmer for over 40 Years specialising in arable and pastoral farming, with experience in government legislation and regulations within the agricultural industry  holding roles with the environment agency and a Director of a number of Agricultural companies.